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Introducing Bright Green: a Sustainability Consultancy based in Singapore

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of Bright Green, Elly Both, a sustainability consultancy based in Singapore that partners with businesses of any size and scale to implement green workplace initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Read on to learn the inspiring story behind Bright Green and how they support businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

Image by Andrea Galkova

Tell us more about the story behind Bright Green, how did it all start?

I started the business after having implemented an employee green team at my previous company, as a passion project.

Seeing the impact the team was able to create through the program inspired me to leave the corporate world and start my business in sustainability!

What makes Bright Green a #GreenBusiness?

I founded the business to make a difference in sustainability, with the Why of educating and inspiring people to live more conscious and sustainable lifestyles.

We are also members of 1% for the Planet, putting People and Planet over Profit. This means we donate 1% of our earnings each year to protecting the natural environment.

We are also a Climate Positive workforce through Ecologi, our carbon offsetting partner for the business. You can visit our forest here.

Image by Andrea Galkova

About Bright Green

We work with organisations large, medium, and small to drive sustainable change. This can be through employee engagement and education programs, as well as operational improvement and change management projects.

We also have an online store selling sustainable, plastic-free consumable products for the home, such as bamboo toothbrushes, dish soap, silk and corn dental floss, laundry sheets, and more!

We would love to connect with others in the GreenPush community, so feel free to reach out!

We hope this interview has inspired you as much as it has us. Visit Bright Green to how they support businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

Reach out to us to learn more about how GreenPush can help empower your employees with knowledge, resources and support to encourage sustainable behaviours in every part of your business.

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