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Meet our founder Alya Annabi

Hi! I'm Alya. I am a Sustainability Change Agent and the founder of GreenPush 

I am a Sustainability Change Agent who wants to help businesses implement more sustainable practices.

I am committed to the idea that small changes can make a big impact, and I am great at motivating others to act.

I have been working hard to raise awareness about sustainability by making small sustainable changes in my own life and sharing my experiences with others.

Since I embarked on my green journey, I have been taking action to keep on spreading knowledge & inspire more individuals to start their own journey. From organising free workshops and holding sustainability talks, to creating a neighbourhood chat group to reduce waste & increase sharing amongst neighbours.

Having worked on this issue for years, I have developed the expertise and experience needed to help businesses cultivate more sustainable actions across their workforce.

That’s why I founded GreenPush — to inspire, educate, and engage the next generation of sustainability champions.


We are the push you need to make sustainable change.

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As featured in

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In the media

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Pictures from past events

Alya has conducted a series of talks on sustainability. As our company strive to be an industry leader in sustainability, her talks helped us not just to understand why our company is taking this journey seriously but also motivated us to do our part, even in every simple choice we make. Each session is very interactive, engaging, and insightful. Alya’s passion is inspiring, the actionable green steps are easy to understand. Highly recommended for those who want to start their green journey.

Joseph T.

FM & Environment Pillar Leader WS Audiology Singapore

I value any opportunity to push forward the sustainability agenda.

If you’d like me to be a part of your event, media, podcast or present
to your organisation,
get in touch or let's chat over a virtual coffee. 👋

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