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Empower your employees to make a difference

Transform your team members into change-makers and

unlock their potential to emphasise a way forward driven by action. 

Create a space for your team members to initiate ideas for green actions with the workshop “Green actions for a better future”.

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of employees would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to important issues.


want their company to provide opportunities for them to help make a positive impact on the company’s social and environmental commitments.



of employees say they want to be an active participant in helping their company improve its responsible business practices by providing feedback, ideas and potential solutions.

Why you need to engage your employees now

From Seed to Sprout

Equip your employees with resources to make a difference in the world

with the workshop ‘Green Actions for a Better Future’.

Empower your employees to become sustainability champions to increase their commitment and change the company's practices for the better.

About this programme


Identify employees who want to drive the change and become 'GreenPushers', individuals who are sustainability-minded and have a strong desire to make a positive impact.



Invite your GreenPushers to participate in the

co-creation workshop

Green actions for a better future”.



Following the workshop, participants will have concrete green actions to implement in the workplace and/or at home.



Empower your employees to become sustainability champions

Unlock your team's potential to emphasise a way forward driven by action

Equip your employees with the tools they need to make a difference

Co-creation workshop
Green Actions for a Better Future

From green actions... to nudges

Assist participants to transform these green actions into green nudges, using the EAST Framework to encourage behaviour change.


From ideas...

to green actions

Identification of green actions that are concrete, practical & feasible. Participants can speak out and share their ideas for more sustainable practices across different target areas.


Introduction & Icebreaker

Kickstart with an icebreaker & open questions to set up the discussion. This helps create a safe space amongst participants to share & learn from each other.


Fern leaf
'Our choices are profoundly shaped by their context
- by what our friends, family, colleagues, and communities do - the impact of individual action
can extend beyond the immediate effect,
subtly influencing the behaviours of those around us.'

Words from our clients

Alya has conducted a series of talks on sustainability. As our company strive to be an industry leader in sustainability, her talks helped us not just to understand why our company is taking this journey seriously but also motivated us to do our part, even in every simple choice we make. Each session is very interactive, engaging, and insightful. Alya’s passion is inspiring, the actionable green steps are easy to understand. Highly recommended for those who want to start their green journey.

Joseph T.

FM & Environment Pillar Leader WS Audiology Singapore

Let's break the ice

If you're ready to unlock your team's sustainability potential,

let's have a chat over a virtual cup of coffee. 🤓

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