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Positive Climate & Biodiversity News - Week #36

Happy Monday! Here is your weekly dose of positive Climate and Biodiversity news to help motivate you and get your week off to a great start.

It's time to balance out all the “doom and gloom” news we often hear and add some positivity to our lives. 🙌

Positive Climate & Biodiversity News Week 23

Wind turbines in the distance at Santa Cruz, Madeira Island, Portugal

Picture via Artur Widak/NurPhoto/Getty Images

"For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels."

Read the full article on Canary Media.

Image via BBC

""We are using an enzyme that you can consider a molecular scissors," he says. "We break down the link between the pearls, liberate the pearls and in this way, after purification, we can sell these pearls again.""

Read the full article on BBC.

Image via Euronews Green

"It marks the second birth a Sumatran rhino in 2023 as Indonesia ramps up conservation efforts. A critically endangered Sumatran rhino was born in Indonesia’s western island of Sumatra on Saturday. It is the second Sumatran rhino born in the country this year and a welcome addition to a species that currently numbers fewer than 50 animals."

Read the full article on Euronews Green.

Image via Euronews Green

"Solar-covered canals are set to generate renewable energy and save water in this notoriously dry area. The first solar-covered canal in America is set to be completed within a couple of years. Arizona is getting the pioneering renewable project after a historic agreement between leaders of the Gila River Indian Community and the US Army Corps of Engineers earlier this month."

Read the full article on Euronews Green.

Image via Euronews Green

"Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera said the plan is aimed at encouraging farmers to stop cultivating crops that rely heavily on water. Authorities in Spain signed an agreement Monday to invest €1.4 billion in areas around the Doñana national park, in a bid to stop the park from drying up."

Read the full article on Euronews Green.

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