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Unlock the Benefits of Veganuary: A Guide to Going Vegan

Veganuary 2023 is the perfect time to join the growing number of people who are embracing plant-based eating. Whether you're looking to reduce your impact, live a more sustainable lifestyle, or just improve your health, Veganuary 2023 is the perfect entry point. In this article, we'll cover the basics of Veganuary and the many benefits it offers, as well as provide some tips and tricks to make the transition a little easier.

Image by Stephanie Monfette via Unsplash

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a month-long challenge that encourages people to adopt a vegan diet. The challenge first began in the UK in 2014 and has since spread around the world.

The idea behind Veganuary is to encourage people to try a vegan lifestyle for January and see the benefits for themselves. It's not just about giving up animal products, but also learning more about the environmental and ethical benefits of veganism. This can include learning about animal welfare, the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, and how to make the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

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Benefits of Going Vegan for a Month

The top 3 reasons why people take part in Veganuary are to help animals, protect the environment and improve their health. By embracing a vegan lifestyle, you can help reduce your environmental footprint and make a positive impact on the planet, which is also beneficial for animal welfare.

As for your health, numbers of studies state that a vegan diet is nutritionally adequate for all stages of human health.

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Plan and shop ahead

One of the biggest challenges people face when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is knowing what to buy. The good news is that you have plenty of options to get plant-based foods in Singapore. Our favourite plant-based grocers include GoodFoodPeople and Everyday Vegan Grocer.

Before going shopping, it's important to plan ahead the recipes you want to cook and the ingredients you will need. Here's a list of ingredients to help you get started:

  • Plant-based proteins like beans, lentils and tofu, as well as plant-based meats like tempeh and seitan.

  • Plant-based dairy products such as plant milk, vegan cheeses and dairy-free butter or yoghurt.

  • Shop in your pantry some accidentally vegan products that you might already have such as pasta, sauces or jams.

Image source: Veganuary

Stay inspired with Vegan Resources

One of the best resources for going vegan is the Veganuary website which has plenty of resources to help you make the switch, including tips and tricks, recipes, a celebrity cookbook, and even a podcast.

In addition to the Veganuary website, there are a number of vegan cookbooks, Youtube Channels and blogs, that offer recipes, meal plans, and advice for going vegan.

Here are some of our favourite resources include PlantYou, Pick Up Limes, Max La Manna, Brownble, Deliciously Ella, Yeung Man Cooking and Pistuu.

Image source: Afterglow via Facebook

Tips for Eating Out as a Vegan

Eating out as a vegan can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With a bit of planning and research, you can find many vegan-friendly options in Singapore.

When eating out, do your research beforehand by looking at apps like susGain, abillionveg or HappyCow.

Looking for the best vegan restaurants and cafes in Singapore? Check out this article from Honeycombers featuring incredible vegan restaurants and cafes in Singapore.

Image by Or Hakim via Unsplash

Green Steps for a successful Veganuary

Making the switch to a vegan lifestyle can be daunting, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to make the transition easier.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of Veganuary 2023:

  • Start slow: Going vegan overnight can be overwhelming, so it's important to take it slow. Start by cutting out one animal product at a time, like dairy or eggs, until you're comfortable with the transition.

  • Set realistic goals: It's important to set realistic goals when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Don't try to do too much all at once, embrace your imperfect journey instead as we cannot change habits overnight.

  • Try new recipes: Trying new vegan recipes is a great way to stay motivated!

  • Find your community: Having a group of like-minded people to turn to for advice and support can make the transition a lot easier. Why not join our community of GreenPushers?

Veganuary 2023 is the perfect opportunity to join the growing number of people who are embracing a vegan lifestyle. With a bit of guidance and support, you can learn how to make the transition to living a vegan lifestyle and experience the many benefits it has to offer. By shopping for the right foods, finding resources and support, and following some tips and tricks, you can make the transition a lot easier. One vegan meal at a time.

Are you ready to take the Veganuary pledge? Join the movement and unlock the benefits of going vegan! 🌱

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