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Traveloka x GreenPush: 3 Days to Raise Sustainability Awareness

The Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG) team at Traveloka, in collaboration with GreenPush, organized a three-day workshop aimed at providing practical solutions and strategies for Travelokans to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

The details of this workshop can be found in this LinkedIn post.

Our founder Alya Annabi shared her knowledge and experience on waste reduction, sustainable transportation and low-waste principles.

Day 1 started with our Sustainability Talk 10 Ways to Kick Start your Green Journey. Attendees learned 10 practical steps for a more sustainable lifestyle. From minimizing carbon footprint to making minor lifestyle alterations.

Day 2 featured our Sustainability Talk on How to Become a Zero Waste Champion. Attendees learned practical tips and strategies to live a zero-waste lifestyle. From reducing single-use plastics, to composting, the workshop has inspired attendees to become community zero-waste champions.

Day 3, on the final day Alya Annabi delivered another one of our Sustainability Talk on How to Start your Low Waste Journey. Attendees were given helpful advice about minimizing food waste and creating a zero-waste bathroom. Travelokans were encouraged to make tiny, attainable adjustments to their everyday routines to carry on their low-waste journey.

Thank you for having us Traveloka!

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