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Positive Climate & Biodiversity News - Week #27

Happy Monday! Here is your weekly dose of positive Climate and Biodiversity news to help motivate you and get your week off to a great start.

It's time to balance out all the “doom and gloom” news we often hear and add some positivity to our lives. 🙌

Positive Climate & Biodiversity News Week 23

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen signs the High Seas Treaty next to Pedro Sánchez, Spanish Prime Minister.

"The High Seas Treaty, also known as the agreement on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction or 'BBNJ', was signed in New York on 20 September, in the margins of the United Nations High Level Week."

Read the full article in European Commission.

Indigenous people celebrate the ruling in Brasília.

Image by Gustavo Moreno/AP

"Brazil’s supreme court has blocked efforts to dramatically strip back Indigenous land rights in what activists called a historic victory for the South American country’s original inhabitants."

Read the full article in The Guardian.

Niue is one of the smallest countries in the world, dwarfed by an ocean territory 1,200 times larger than its land mass.

Image by Lisa Strachan/Getty Images/iStockphoto

"Niue hopes to raise $18m by selling units of its ocean territory to sponsors as the region struggles to mitigate impacts of climate change."

Read the full article in The Guardian.

Image via Euronews Green

"A species of small holly tree last seen nearly two centuries ago has been rediscovered in Brazil and scientists say it is an “incredible find”."

Read the full article on Euronews.

A Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington, Calif.

Image by Mario Tama/Getty Images

"The California Legislature this week passed a landmark bill that would require major companies to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, a move with national and global repercussions in governments’ efforts to fight climate change."

Read the full article in The New York Times.

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