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Positive Climate & Biodiversity News - Week #25

Happy Monday! Here is your weekly dose of positive Climate and Biodiversity news to help motivate you and get your week off to a great start.

It's time to balance out all the “doom and gloom” news we often hear and add some positivity to our lives. 🙌

Positive Climate & Biodiversity News Week 23

Associate Professor Soo Han Sen, who leads the project, holding up a bottle of solution with dissolved plastic and vanadium catalyst.

Image by NTU via Straits Times

"Plastic bags and takeaway boxes, styrofoam boxes and even PVC sewage pipes could be chemically recycled more efficiently to leave a smaller carbon footprint, in a new process developed by scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU)."

Read the full article in The Straits Times.

Image by Mongabay

"Through their regenerative cacao program, TMA pays local farmers to transition from unsustainable practices to shade-grown cacao cultivation while providing access to premium markets to sell their cacao."

Read the full article on Mongabay.

Taryn Foster says the coral is growing well on the artificial foundations

Image by BBC

"Coral restoration efforts usually involve transplanting tiny corals, cultivated in nurseries, on to damaged reefs. However the work can be slow and costly, and only a fraction of the reefs at risk are getting help. In the shallow waters of the Abrolhos Islands, Ms Foster is testing a system she hopes will revive reefs more quickly."

Read the full article on BBC News.

Locally extinct butterfly makes remarkable return to Stirlingshire

Image by Butterfly Conservation

"A once locally-extinct butterfly has made a remarkable return to Stirlingshire after a 100 year absence, Butterfly Conservation and The Future Forest Company reveal today."

Read the full article on Butterfly Conservation.

The gold jewellery made from old phones

Image by The Royal Mint via BBC

"E-waste is mounting. Now the UK Royal Mint has found a new way to extract the precious metals hidden in laptops and phones to reduce our reliance on raw materials."

Read the full article on BBC.

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