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Positive Climate & Biodiversity News - Week #13

Happy Monday! Here is your weekly dose of positive Climate and Biodiversity news to help motivate you and get your week off to a great start.

It's time to balance out all the “doom and gloom” news we often hear and add some positivity to our lives. 🙌

Positive Climate & Biodiversity News Week 9

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"The first-ever fashion show at EU’s Parliament – held by Louise Xin, the award-winning Chinese-Swedish fashion designer and human rights activist – was held to draw attention to forced labour in the fashion industry."

Read the full article on Apparel Resources.

Around 350 million animals are killed by traffic in the US each year

Image by Canva

"Now, Indigenous groups as well as state and local governments will have access to $350 million (€320) to combat the issue. This amounts to the largest investment in road and bridges in a generation. It’s also the largest single sum ever allocated to address vehicle-wildlife collisions."

Read the full article on Euronews.

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"On a hidden camera planted in their garden, a couple whose trees disappeared from their garden “overnight” have unmasked the unlikely culprit: the first wild beaver spotted in Wales in years."

Read the full article in The Guardian.

Image by Chile Today

"Kristine Tompkins, widow of famous conservationist Doug Tompkins, has offered to donate almost 100,000 hectares of land to the Chilean government. The area, close to Punta Arenas, is to become a new national park."

Read the full article on Chile Today.

Kuttamperoor River–Before and After (YouTube screenshots)

Image by Budhanoor Grama Panchayat

"A once-biologically dead river in southern India has been revived to the fullest extent thanks to local dedication and government involvement. A tributary of the Pampa and Achencoil rivers, the 4-mile-long Kuttamperoor River has for centuries been a source of life and drinking water for rural communities in Kerala."

Read the full article in Good News Network.

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