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Alya Annabi shares how she creates sustainability communities in neighbourhoods and corporations

We are proud to announce that our founder, Alya Annabi, has been featured in The Good Business Podcast! The episode showcases Alya's journey on how she created a sustainable community to meet like-minded people and transformed her knowledge into a business.

In this conversation, you will learn…

  • How Alya started with building communities and why they are important

  • That she starts not with the intention of changing minds but by asking questions and having conversations to raise curiosity and awareness while encouraging reflection and action

  • How mentorship changed the way she approached her business

  • How to become a conscious consumer and question greenwashing.

Because for me, at the end of the day, one more action plus one more action plus one more action equals really big change. - Alya Annabi

Listen to this episode on

🎧 Spotify

Read the full story on Launchpad.

Reach out to us to learn more about how GreenPush can help empower your employees with knowledge, resources and support to encourage sustainable behaviours in every part of your business.

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