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What We Do 

We give your team members a chance to

make a difference in the world.

We empower them with knowledge, green actions and support

to encourage sustainable behaviours in every part of your business



believe climate change

is an emergency

Our goal is to help you take your sustainability strategies from “on paper” to “in action”.

We know that the best way to achieve meaningful change

is by working with those closest to it - your team members!


It is essential that they understand their role in the transition and are motivated to be part of it.


of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact at work

So, what are you waiting for to engage your teams?

Discover our programmes

Mother Nature is one of the most powerful forces there is.

That's why we've created our programmes Seed, Sprout and Tree.

It's a great analogy for how we want to champion sustainability.


Words from our clients

Alya came to an online workshop for our company to raise awareness about environmental issues and give tips on how to do better.

We all got inspired by her daily routine/advice and full of energy.

Indeed, there are changes that won't cost a lot but will be positive for environment. Alya is a true self-motivated person, who is looking to help others, and inspire change. I am convinced this has helped some of our employees to do better at home or even office. Warmly recommend her service!

Benoit B.

Green team leader - French bank Singapore

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